The services are intended solely for and available to users who are 21 years of age and older, and any registration, use , or access to the services by anyone under 21 is strictly prohibited and in violation of these terms.

Curbside or Walk-in pickup-

Once your online order has been confirmed ready for pick up, you have one of two options to collect your order;

a) Walk in to Town Center Market- 4705 Queensbury Road, Riverdale Park, MD 20737-  and inform any member of our staff that you are here to pick up your order. Please have a valid ID (must be at least 21 to purchase alcohol)  AND the credit used to complete the online order with you for us to review and confirm the order.  Once we have confirmed both requirements , we will then retrieve your order and bring the items to you. 


b) Please pull in to our parking lot ( note that we will not load items into any vehicles which are parked on any public road or street. Vehicles must be parked on Town Center Market property.) and call 301 277 9271 to inform our staff that you have arrived. Please identify yourself, inform the staff member that you have arrived and tell them the make and model of your vehicle. Your order will then be brought to your vehicle. Please have your valid ID and the credit card used to make the online purchase readily available for our staff member to review. We will gladly help load items into your vehicle once we have confirmed both legal drinking age (21) and the credit card. 



  There is a $25 minimum plus a $5 delivery fee for all delivery orders. Deliveries start 10am daily and end promptly at 8pm. You may choose your delivery time slot, broken down into one hour delivery windows,  at the completion of your online order.  A Town Center Market(TCM) staff member will need to confirm legal drinking age and the credit card used to make the online purchase at time of delivery so please have a valid ID and the credit card readily available.  We will  not leave delivery packages unattended. If a qualified recipient is not available at the time of delivery, or if the TCM employee making the delivery, in its sole discretion, determines that delivering the products would be illegal, unsafe or inappropriate then the employee will not deliver the product and the card used to make the purchase will be refunded. 

 We are more than happy to discuss delivery options in the event you do not fall within the 5.5 mile radius. Please call (301) 277-9271 so we can coordinate the delivery request with you. 



We reserve the right to cancel and refund any delivery, curbside and/or walk in pick up if customer is unable to provide proper identification.