Hybrid Availment Wheatland 4p
Wheatland Springs

Hybrid Availment Wheatland 4p

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Made together with Wunderkammer Biermanufaktur.

We’d talked about making a lager on our farm since making a beer with Wunderkammer in Vermont a year ago. As mutual fans of triticale, it seemed the grain chose us for this project.

The more we explore grains we grow here on the farm, the more we enjoy getting to know what they’ve got to say. Our custom malted barley blend offers a balance of leavened dough and bread crust body before easing into the tempered sweet red berry impression we’ve come to love from our home-grown triticale. This beer finishes with delicate floral, herbal, and a hint of citrus aromatics from the whole cone hops.
5 % ABV